2022 Most Sought after

NON-Laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Service

Removes ALL Colors

Old or new, discolored, wrong shape ?

Don't worry! We can help you!

PhiRemoval extracts the pigments of the tattoo without endangering the health of the skin.

This method was created in 2015 and has outstanding results.

PhiRemoval Artists are sought after globally.

PhiRemoval Artist Ashley A. Whisenant is the

357 th PhiRemoval Artist in the USA to receive her designation in this unique and sought after tattoo removal treatment.

The method is completely original, unprecedented, systematized and extremely effective.

Aesthetic Studio in Saint Augustine

Read below for Q & A

Q & A

Who can have PhiRemoval?

Reasons to remove any form of PMU or tattoo are an everyday problem we face with our clients. Sometimes it can be because the work is too deep, poorly drawn shape, pigment migration, strong pigment retention on certain parts, etc...

What are the benefits of this treatment?

PhiRemoval is not only a unique formulation, but also a well-designed system of action that enables the preservation of healthy skin.

This process can remove:

  • Can remove any color
  • The tissue heals quickly
  • The product is transparent, so the removed pigment and its amount are well visible
  • Does not leave long-lasting post procedural effects (redness) or tropic structure

Is it possible to remove FRESH Microblading, PMU or Tattoo?

YES, PhiRemoval techniques allow achieving results with exceptional safety.

This method

Is it possible to remove OLD Microblading, PMU or Tattoo?

YES, PhiRemoval can be used to remove old tattoos or PMU, which are 20 years and older. This, however, requires more than one removal procedure.

Is it safe?

PhiRemoval is one of the safest techniques that have been created so far. The method was created with the goal of preserving the health of the skin, avoiding trauma and achieving the most effective results.

Is it painful?

The procedure can be uncomfortable, but it is usually not painful. We also provide a numbing cream that reduces the feeling of discomfort.

How many procedures are needed to completely remove the pigment?

Each case is unique. Permanent makeup / tattoo removal can sometimes require only 2-3 treatments, while sometimes it may require more, depending on your skin type, permanent makeup procedure and the area being treated.


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