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Ashley A Whisenant is the "Original" PhiBrows Artsit in Flagler & St. Johns County.

She is "Triple Certified" in PhiBrows Micro-blading, PhiLings Micro-needling & PhiRemoval Tattoo Removal

Aesthetic Studio offers clients the most requested service today called PhiBrows Micro-blading.

PhiBrows Artist are the most respected, most demanded and highest trained in the micro-blading industry.  

Only the best products and aftercare are used.  

Ashley has been offering micro-blading since the beginning of the industry in the United States.  With over 200 treatments for men and women she is highly skilled to offer beautiful and natural brows for you.  

Over 75% of her business is spent doing micro-blading.  

Ashley is always learning new techniques and styles so she can offer you many styles for you to choose from.  

She is also highly trained in professional chemical peels, micro-needling, removing age/dark spots and tattoo removal (new technique in 2017).  This tattoo removal technique takes out all colors, much more gentle than laser tattoo removal and this cost much less than laser.

Read below for more information on her education and all services she offers.

Ashley A Whisenant is a highly skilled licensed aesthetician, (CME) Certified Medical Electrologist, licensed micro-pigmentation specialist, Certified PhiBrows Artist and Certified Laser Technician that will provide you with treatments that vary from micro-blading, permanent makeup, professional chemical peels, micro-needling, custom facials, cryotherapy, microdermabrasion, cosmetic tattoo removal (face area only) and removing skin irregularities.

  • Free consultations are offered and recommended
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  • Automated Appointment Reminders
  • Online Consent & Post Care Treatment Forms

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