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Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo in Palm Coast


Did you ever had Bad Experience with Permanent Makeup?​     

PhiRemoval offers clients the ability to safely and effectively remove old or bad cosmetic tattoo's.  The use of our special formulated glycolic solution and technique we can remove any color unlike traditional laser tattoo removal which can be very painful and expensive.

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The Best of Both Worlds!

PhiFusion is the combination of micro-blading (manual) and shading (machine) to give the effect of fuller, more defined brows.  This is also a great service for those who have prior cosmetic tattoo's on their brows and do not with to remove them.  Lastly,  this is a great option for oily and problematic skin due to it will help retain the pigment for a longer duration.


Lips & Eyeliner with a Modern Day Flare

PhiContour is the modern day micro-pigmentation for lips and eyeliner.  It offers a modern day flare to the look of cosmetic tattoo's.  Schedule your consultation today and find out if this service is for you.

Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo in Palm Coast

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