"Original" PhiBrows Artist in Flagler & St. Johns County

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"Original"  PhiBrows Artist in Flagler County & St. Johns County, Florida

What is PhiBrows Microblading?


"Original" PhiBrows Artist in Flagler County & St. Johns County

PhiBrows Artist has the most professionally training in the industry.  Once we has passed the course we are given a certified Certificate from the PhiAcademy with our names and personal artist number.  

We offer competitive prices but we hold our price in value to our extensive training that benefits all of our clients.  We are proud to be a Certified PhiBrows Artist and take great pride in our knowledge to give our clients top notch service, quality products and the best post care kits that will help ensure a healthy and clean experience in the healing of your brows.

We provide  premium support and supplies...

  • Free Consultations
  • Premium Post Procedure Kit 
  • Introductory "Annual Color Boost" ONLY $150
  • Aesthetic Studio provides online consent forms, pre and post care forms via a HIPPA Compliant System.
  • Printed Pre/Post Care Forms
  • Reviews
  • Before & After Pictures
  • Financing Options from 0%

What is Micro-blading? 

Unlike traditional eyebrow tattoos that gives the appearance of a marker effect this offers a more natural hyper-realistic looking eyebrow.  

Crisp hair-like strokes are drawn via a hand tool to create the appearance of real eyebrow hair.  Color is matched and hairs are drawn in the direction of a natural hair growth pattern.  If you do not have hair the strokes are still drawn in a natural hair growth pattern to offer a very natural look.

This is a form of micro-pigmentation tattoo.

PhiBrows is a manual skill of semi-permanent eyebrow drawing. Shape of the eyebrows is calculated according to the golden intersection (phi 1.618) and face morphology. 

The pigment is applied into the surface layer of the dermis using sterilized tools.  The pigment is chosen so to match the natural hair or eyebrows’ colour. After the healing, the colour may become several hues lighter that the natural hairs’ colour.  Symmetry is achieved through PhiBrows application and it is calculated while the clients’ eyes are closed because in that way mimetic muscles that can affect eyebrows’ symmetry are relaxed. 

Strokes are always drawn in the direction of natural hairs’ growth to achieve hyper-realistic look.  

Treatment is performed with disposable sterile tools (PhiBrush), and pigments are produced in accordance with the highest standards (PhiBrows microblading pigments).  

Correction is done a 6 weeks after the treatment, because between 10 and 15% of drawn strokes could disappear after the first treatment. Color is extremely dark during the first 5 to 7 days. 7 days later, it loses up to 40 to 50% of its intensity. 

If you think the color is too dark, do not try to remove it yourself by no means. Patiently wait 7 days for the color to fade on its own after the healing of the skin. Color duration primarily depends on how oily the skin is. The oilier the skin, the shorter the color lasts. 

Sweating and sun exposure also reduce color fastness.  On average, expected time until a new color refreshment is between 10, 12 to 18 months. With oily skin it is up to 6 months.  

The healing is fully completed after 45 days.

With problematic and oily skins, we can have several additions (corrections).  Fees may apply.  

Post-treatment flow makes 70% of the treatment’s success. Conscientiously obey advice, because if you don’t do so you may lose up to 80% of drawn strokes. Rinsing and applying creams is of great importance.  

Pain during the treatment is relative. Scared clients and clients who have their period usually feel stronger pain, while the other clients compare the pain to the one they feel when plucking eyebrows. It is possible to use mild anesthetics in form of cream or liquid that can entirely eliminate the pain during the treatment.  

Why Choose a PhiBrows Artist?

Artist are rigorously trained during a six month course of which continuous work is submitted for approval.  Artist are to adhered to the strictest hygiene, ethics and top quality service.  

Once an artist is qualified to carry the title of a PhiBrows Artist they are assigned an Artist Number and added to the PhiAcademy World Map of Artist.

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Ashley A. Whisenant

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Ashley A. Whisenant

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Before the treatment

Always have a consultation with the artist before the treatment if you: 

– have problematic skin 

– have serious health problems 

– take some medicines 

– have existing old permanent make-up on your eyebrows.

Get familiar with the post-treatment flow thoroughly before the treatment.

The skin must not be in the inflammatory process or the process of healing and regeneration before each treatment.

The following treatments are not recommended 30 days before the treatment: 

– botox and fillers 

– fruit or milk acids 

– laser treatments 

– chemical peelings 

– exposure to strong sunlight  

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The success of the treatment depends on the:

– skin quality 

– post-treatment flow and care

 – exposure to different external factors 

All of these factors are out of the artist’s control, so any possibility to provide guarantees for the treatment is excluded. 

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