Facial Treatments

"NEW" Pro-B3 Oxygen Infused Facial Treatment


This treatment is great as a stand alone or before any advanced treatments like chemical peels, laser, or IPL.  

Treatment will optimize other services. 

  • Increases skin metabolism & circulation.
  • Powerful antioxidant oxygenators
  • Detoxify, purify & eliminates toxins

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"Signature" Microdermabrasion Facial


This treatment is for those who are seeking a deep refreshing, clean and hydrating treatment with warm and cold sensations to tantalize your skin. 

Your skin will be pampered by lavender or unscented steam, mild foam peel for face and neck...can't leave the neck behind ;) ... then exfoliated by a diamond tip microdermabrasion (face & neck).

A custom physical mask, steam, micro-current and cold glide massage will leave you and your skin smiling.  

Safe & refreshing for all skin types. 

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Custom Express Facial


This 30 minute express facial gets right to the issue.  PCA Skin professional products will be used to address specific needs.  This use of high frequency or hand held micro-current device are options to be used during this treatment.  

Notice for Extractions: 

If a clients has a lot of extractions a free consultation will be required to discuss the needs and length of time to clear the skin. If there will be a lot of extractions and we need more time then we double this package.

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Aging Skin


Unfortunately we can not prevent mother nature from taking her course though we can be proactive about slowing down and improving the aging process.  Let our Certified PCA Skin Clinicians come up with a customized treatment plan tailored to your skin needs.




Hyper-pigmentaton, age spots, dark spots, melasma are all a daily battle in the Florida sun.  We specialize in the correction of this skin condition.  

Our team will help easily guide you through how to correct and maintain beautiful results.  




Rosacea is a common, chronic, incurable, adult acne-like skin condition that is easily controllable. Rosacea commonly affects the central third of the face & nose.

Our gentle yet effective facials and skin care products will help achieve more even skin tone and less redness.




Don't wait to reverse 20 years of sun and aging.  By being preventative with skin care treatments you can slow down the aging process. 

Our Certified PCA Skin clinicians are highly trained to help advise you on how to maintain a youthful appearance.


Sensitive Skin


Sensitive skin is susceptible to skin irritations, itching, rashes or redness. 

PCA Skin products are free from fragrances or dyes and other unnatural irritants.  

Let our Certified PCA Skin clinicians introduce you to treatment and products specifically designed to deal with sensitive skin and leave you glowing.




PCA Skin professional custom facials in Palm Coast are results driven and effective for dry skin, fine lines, sensitive skin, pigmentation, acne & rosacea.

Custom Facials in Palm Coast

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