Spots Be Gone...

Are you looking for the best treatment for uneven skin tone or spot corrector on your face?

CryoClear is the best cryotherapy treatment for age spots and dark spots on the face.

CryoClear is the world's ONLY cryotherapy treatment to safely and effectively remove hyperpigmentation in as little as one treatment. CryoClear is fast, painless, natural and unlike any other treatment on the market for those stubborn age spots and dark spots.

We treat LARGE & small spots on the face.

Quick & Painless

Results Usually in One Treatment

Cost Effective

After the Treatment your treated area will immediately turn darker (Don’t Fret!)

The treatment site will remain dark for about 5-10 days until your body releases the melanin.

You will see results within a week.

You should always consult with your esthetician when considering treatment options.

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